Friday, January 5, 2007

About Me

Where do I start? My wife and I are happily retired here on the shores of the Lake of the Ozarks and now have the time to contemplate about what is really important in life. We are confident in our faith in God and Jesus Christ and have a deep love for this country. Our family, though widely dispersed geographically, remains close to one another.

Like many Americans, we are disappointed with our politicians who seem to be more interested in personal and corporate power and wealth accumulation for themselves than they are for the security and welfare of America. I plan to use this blog to post comments from time to time about issues and problems within our country about which I think a little bit of common sense would go a long way towards reaching a resolution.

Happy Blogging from Ozarkcountryman.


wife Alice said...

I like your blog about the the doomsday clock. I did hear reference to it today and ignored it. However, your piece is a witness. You remind them that NO One knows the end but we'd better be ready and then referenced this in the Bible. Cool!
Love you

Bekka yo grandaughter said...

HEY blog thing..i cant believe the ice storm...well i luv u and ttyl